How to be an effective soul winner so you can help MANY people come to know Jesus in Australia

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By joining this training, you will be fully equipped to bring many people to Jesus

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4 Things You Will Discover By Joining This Training

Ask yourself.....

Have you ever wanted to be an effective winner of souls?
Do you want to help others around you come to Christ?
Do you long to see your prayers for the lost answered?
Do you want to know how to go beyond decisions to developing disciples?
Are you keen to join a team in your local region to present the Gospel and see people come to repentance and faith?

A Burning Passion to Win Souls for Jesus


Be renewed in your Holy Spirit inspired passion to bring people to Christ.


A Prayer Life to Match Your Passion

Pray like Jesus did and bring a renewed depth and intensity to your prayer for the lost.


Winning Souls and Making Disciples

Learn and act on these three things that Jesus did that will change the world around you.


Start a Soul Winning Campaign near you

Join with many others who are already hearing God’s call across the nation to be in His army of 10,000 soulwinners to bring millions of Australians to Jesus.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is a webinar you don't want to miss!

Tony McLennan
National Director of Australia for Jesus

  • Many years operated as a management consultant to major corporates
  • Ran Business Alpha across Australia for 15 years
  • Served as CEO of Bible League
  • Runs Business Life, a ministry to people in the corporate world
  • Ordained as a minister in the Anglican Church
  • Extensive experience in church-based evangelism and disciple-making
  • Author of several books and publications on how to successfully bring others to Jesus

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